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Sit or stand on the Nalu 12.5 by OCEAN KAYAK that bears the Hawaiian name for "wave".  The NALU is made in an 11' and 12.5' version - the 12.5' is a longer and faster version of the Nalu 11! The NALU 12.5' is great for long distances and a full body workout, and designed for the entry level to intermediate stand up paddler! Have fun on the Nalu 12.5!

Ocean Kayak is a Division of Johnson Outdoors.

Pictured: NALU 12.5 Envy In Stock

Also available: NALU 12.5 Ocean In Stock

By order Nalu 11 in Envy or Ocean based on availability.

*Pricing, colors, and features vary by model.

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SIT, KNEEL, or STAND in the RAVE 3 IN 1 PADDLEBOARD! A great family board with a variety of options!

Now  available in Orange Sunrise!

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Try something new on the water! The O'Brien MERCER, an exceptional PaddleBoard, comes in the 10'8" and 8' models*. On a scale of 1 to 10, these boards are designed for Beginner to Level 3 Paddle boarders! Get yours today!

Model Pictured*: Mercer 2171290 10"8"

Available Models*: 2171290 (10'8") or 2171288 (8').

*Pricing, sizing, colors and features vary by model.

Be safe! Learn about paddle boarding and the appropriate equipment!

Suggested link from OBRIEN website.

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